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Vsphere 6.5 autodeploy and UCS integration


we are building a new Vsphere 6.5 with Cisco UCS hardware.  We want to use autodeploy for the ESXi install/boot.  we will activate DRS and DMP to power on and off blades.

My question is: is it possible to get Vsphere to create a new service profile in UCS and use a blade from a pool or unused one then autodeploy it to a Cluster that needs a new blade. and once its no longuer needed or usage is lower just return to the empty pool and erase the service profile.

the idea is that I want to have my blade infra to be able to move blades between cluster's as they require it in a dynamic fashion and been able to deploy blades automatically without have to attaché them to a service profile and present them to Vsphere.

Anyone doing something like that?


Stephane Beausoleil Senior virtualisation consultant CGI Stephane.beausoleil@cgi.com
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