Vmware Essentials PCI Passthrough

Hi All,

Quite an obscure question this one, does the vmware essentials support pci passthrough - currently running a trial of vsphere 6 in a lab envrionment passing through a pci device from the server and is working just fine, however I dont know if this is a supported feature of vmware essentials as not clear from the matrix.

Also again bit obscure can anyone confirm if the vsphere essentials product supports the nvidia grid shared gpu feature which is mentioned on this page:

When running through the guide you can configure shared pci vgpu to the vm (opposed to passthrough) (pages 140 to 143), I am guessing that you need actual vcenter as a product to actually do this but would be interested to know if essentials can do this from the managed appliance to the vm's on the hosts, I am aware I need a supported graphics card and hardware on server to do this.

We do have vcenter however this is a solution that might sit off our main prod network so would need its own management interested to see if I can keep costs down for the business.



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