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Virtual vSphere Lab Networking Question and Nested VM issue

I have one phyiscal Server that has 2 Windows VM's running on 192.168.30,x. Ive also created a virtual ESX 5 VM on the same subnet and that can talk to the windows VM's fine. I can install the VI client and manage the vSphere server normally.  On this virtual ESX node, Ive enabled promiscous mode and made sure that the nested VM has the same port group name as the other VM's but I cant get the nested VM to reach anything other than its "parent" ESX IP address.

Here is my layout

Portgroup  Name - Test Lab  VLAN 50

VM 1 - DC

VM 2 - Server 

vSphere VM

Portgroup  Name - Test Lab  VLAN 50

Nested VM -

VM 1,2 and vSphere can all ping each other.  Nested VM can only ping the ESX server.

Its as if the ESX server isnt passing along the network traffic but I cant figure out what setting I am missing.

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