Video settings for remote desktop

I have a Windows Server 2016 VM hosteed by an ESXi 6.5 host (member of a vSphere 6.5 infrastructure).

I need to optimize the desktop experience of users accessing the VM via RDP.

How can VMware Video Card settings influence the user experience for remote RDP users?

If I incease the video card memory should I expect a better user experience?

Users use pure office applications, so I don't expect improvements after enabling 3d, does it make sense?

Is there any documentation about this specific issue?



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In every document about VMware Horizon View, you can find about how to increase video Performance or how to optimize it ...

But you should know if you have a physical video card on your server you can profit of video performance increasing or even have a real 3D and so on

Please read the following document related to the VMware Horizon, It was about graphic acceleration for the virtual machines

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I am also interested in how settings on the video card, e.g. video memory, influences performance for Terminal Server VMs which are accessed via RDP or ICA. Most of the answers and articles cover PCoIP or Horizon and the few others are contradictory:

Poor graphic performance in Terminal Server VM

"If you are using this over RDP, then the local virtualized graphics adapter is not involved."

[SOLVED] ESXI Video memory issue - Spiceworks

"lag ... terminal server ... the answer in the past has been to add video memory"

So for RDP/ICA, does it help or not? Someone here to answer?



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Well If you are looking for Desktop Optimization / User Experience for Server

there is calculator to calculate how much memory is required for 2D Graphics. if users are using Extended monitor or not my Suggestion would be assigning a 256 MB of Memory. Note this will be only Software Accelerator. you wont get much of Experience like how a basic laptop could provide.

Since you are using Office application would suggest disabling a Hardware Accelerator. More over if your environment is hosted on Horizon dont use VMware Tools graphics Drivers, As it wont latest. Suggest removing that driver provided by VMware tools and re-install Horizon Agent will be bundled with Latest Graphics according your Horizon Version. With These Keep mind of Allocating good amount Memory. At time even your AV application might decrease the performance.

Keep the above points in mind.

hopefully you will increase User Experience for Internal or External User/Customers.

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