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(Very) Wrong time/date on VM's


I have a strange behavior of some vm's on a standalone ESXi host running version 7 build 19482537. The hardware is HPE DL360 Gen9, newest available firmware and iLO. 

Background info: 

VM1: Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V vm converted using VMware Converter, runs UEFI. 

VM2: Windows Server 2012 "baremetal" vm converted using VMware Converter, runs UEFI

VM3: CentOS 7 vm running backup solution, runs bios. This VM was set up from scratch. 


The HPE bios/iLO was setup so that the iLO was to use NTP and to propagate time to bios/system. At the time when the vm's was converted/installed  iLO had access to a NTP server and timing was correct. However when the host was moved to production site no NTP server as available and bios/system was set to 01.01.2001. When the vm's was booted up of course their time was completely wrong, but not 01.01.2001. Insted it was randomly, but for all three way in the future, 24.06.2037 for one of them. Of course the vm's acting as AD DC's was not very happy with this :). 

But now the strange happens, date/time in bios/system and therefore also on host is corrected, however date/time on VM's when they boot are still wrong. (just now I have 06/01/2058!!). Host is of course tried rebooted several times. 

If I create a new vm this will have correct date/time. 

Any thoughts anyone? 



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Actually, there is wrong configuration for your production environment and you should use one time source for your virtual and physical servers at least.

But you can apply time synchronization parameters on your virtual machines and see the result.

Disabling Time Synchronization (1189) (vmware.com) 

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