VPXA agents cannot STOP and START until physical server reboots

Dear all,

I have a couple of HA Clusters setup with 3 physical blades in each of these clusters. Strangely when I login to vCenter after a weekend that I saw that one host from one of the cluster was disconnected but my VMs are still working (ping-able and RDP is fine). Logged into the host server and tried to perform a "management agents restart" on the DCUI and it just hangs there at "Stopping management agent". Checking the rest of my host in other cluster, I see the same problem. To add more problems, when I restarts these host and hit into a hang on the activity, my host servers will suddenly be reported as disconnected from my vCenter.

Resolution is to totally restarts the physical host and perform a "reconnect host" function.

Anyone in this forum seen this problem before? What could be the issue? (Good thing these systems are not live yet)

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