VMware vSphere 5 Essentials, 2 screens

Hi ...

I have some small questions ....

I've now bought  VMware vSphere 5 Essentials.....

But I wants to be able to use Extended screens on the host, so when I install a desktop with Win 7 I can use 2 screens if that's possible??

And for at start I'm using a PC workstation as HOST (I'm going to buy a server with 2 CPU's and 32 GB ram later) (Workstation Hardware: motherboard ASUS P5Q WS...8GB Ram and 2 VGA outputs(1VGA and 1 DVDI) and I wants to add drivers for the onboard Realtek soundcard to the HOST... How to do???

And when I get my server, what hardware should I use to make the Guest OS to support 2 screens with the extended desktop and Audio support... I'm in the process to buy a server right now...

I wants to Virtualize all my desktops and servers in one pcs. Of hardware...

Please help me out here.. how to get the right hardware.

Main components of the server:

ADesk® Enterprice Server

Intel® 5500 - ICH10R Server Chipset

Intel® Xeon Quad Core CPU

Jens Ole

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Your questions are a bit all over the place Smiley Happy

As for the dual screen, I don't think you'll be able to do what you think of doing. You'll need to look into the VMware View software for that.

You can use passthrough technology called VMDirectPath to passthrough the soundcard to your VMs, but your cpu needs to support it (VT-d).

As for the server, you should definitely check out the VMware Compatibility Guide (HCL) to see if the server you're interested in is supported, this will give you less headaches later Smiley Wink

HCL Link