VMware infrastructure very slow during backups

Hi all,

During exchange 2010 backups(which is a vm) at night, our vmware infrastructure slows down to a crawl.  Throughtput is still good though which is weird.  When other VM's are getting backed up we do not have this issue and throughput is very good also.  Below is the scenario in details and hardware specs. 

Vmware Vsphere ESX 4.1 with netapp fas2040 storage with 15000k drives. 

VM Host details: DL 380 G6.

      2 x Intel Xeon E5540 @ 2.53ghz processors with 4 cores each.  32GB ram.Hyper Threading is enabled.

     Physical ISCSI card with two ports and they both are active

Exchange 2010 on a server 2008 r2

2 vCPU, 16gb of ram. 

ISCSI storage

Using CA arcserve r15 sp1 backup software. 

When exchange is getting backed up (database level) there is somekind of integrity checking that goes on and thats when the slowness occurs.  I can't find any settings to disable exchange integrity settings in CA.  When the integrity checking is in progress, from the perfmon we are getting 100,000 % disk read time (which is crazy).  I have called CA, Vmware and Netapp and just getting a run around about one blaming the other so can't really find a solution. 

Hopefully someone will be able to help me out here.  Let me know if you guys need more information. 

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