VMware Esxi 6.0 with VM v 11 and PCI Passthrough high CPU usage

So according to VMware Knowledge Base  it is no longer required for VMs v 11 to have phiHole settings.Problem is that as soon as I add a pci passthrough device (an onboard USB hub), the vmx gets a pciHole.dynStart setting. I manually remove it, start the VM and seconds later, the setting appears back in the vmx.

The big problem is that my VM has a high CPU (close to 100%), even if I use a clean Win7 or even a clean WinXP SP3 (clean as in nothing on it, clean install)

According to sysinternals process explorer, it's the interrupts that actually consume the cpu.

(I'm using vspahere client 6.0 if it matters)

Any ideas how to cure this?


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