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VMware Data Recovery Backup Speed

Hello all,

I would like to know why it takes between 3-5hrs for VMware Data Recovery to backup a VM with a 40GB .vmdk?

Here is the VMware Data Recovery setup:

3 x ESXi 4 Update 1 hosts

1 x IBM DS3400 Fiber Channel SAN (8-disks RAID-10 array for VMFS)

1 x vCenter 4 (physical server)

1 x Buffalo Linkstation Quad (NAS)


using CIFS share with 3.9TB mounted to the VMware Data Recovery VM/backup server

I use a custom backup retention policy to preserve at least "2" most recent backups, as well as the most recent backup from each of the last.

I believe VMware Data Recovery will do INCREMENTAL with De-Duplication, so shouldn't the backup go much quicker since it is incremental or does de-dup slows it down?

Any advice on how I can speed up the backup process will be much appreciated.



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With this configuration, my only guess is the CIFS share. Try not making it bigger than 500GB (as per VDR documentation). The de-duplication process usually uses a lot of resources on the VDR VM, so you can also try to increase the CPU number/memory for it and/or make a good CPU/memory reservation.

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