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VMWare vSphere packet loss


I have a Dell Blade Enclosure with 14 blades and ESXi 5.5 on it. On blade 7 and 14 I have round about 65 % packet loss when I ping the ESXi Management interface. On all other blades there ist no packet loss.

The strange thing is, I have this packet loss when I ping from:

blade 1 to blade 7 -> ~ 65% packet loss

but, when I ping from blade 7 to blade 1 at the same time when I ping from blade 1 to blade 7 I have no packet loss at all ... not from 1 to 7 neither from 7 to 1

blade 1 to blade 7 && blade 7 to blade 1 -> 0% packet loss

I have increased the Rx buffer in the ESX CLI but it doesn´t help.

When I do a esxtop and go to the networktab I don´t see any packetdrop

33554435Shadow of vmnic0n/avSwitch00.
33554437Shadow of vmnic1n/avSwitch00.

The only thing I see that there are massive interrupts for 0xef:


The switch logfile shows me, that the blade network card is flapping sometimes, when I say sometimes I mean once or twice a week for about 1 or 2 minutes.

I don´t think that`s the reason for that but I haven´t any idea anymore what can be the problem. Especially the ping and counter ping situation don´t make any sense to me.

Maybe you can help me?

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