VMWARE MIBs are Not Very Useful for Statistics


Perhaps I am missing something but I went over the VMWARE MIBs and they don't seem very useful for gathering statistics. I was hoping VMWARE-RESOURCES would give me the CPU usage of the ESX host, but it just merely list the number of physcial CPUs the unit has. In terms of memory it lists the total amount of memory available for vms, but not how much of that memory is currently in use. It has a storage table, with information like the driver name of the sata controllers in the host, but no information on storage usage (internal or external). The documentation says VMware now uses IF-MIB for interface information, but when you walk thru it, it just support the OIDs with description information. Neither ifInOctets nor ifInOctets are supported. So there is no way to monitor traffic on ESX NICs. The VMINFO-MIB list vms but does not have aggregate statistics such as the number of vms runing/powered off/not reporting heartbeats in the ESX host.

Ideally here is what I was hoping to see on the MIBs:

1. Percentage of CPU utilization on the ESX host (per thread or per cpu unit)

2. Memory utilization by all vms running in ESX host

3. Number of VMs running on the ESX host.

4. Number of VMs reporting heartbeats on the ESX host.

5. IfInOctets on ESX physcial interfaces.

6. IfOutOctets on ESX physcial interfaces.

7. iSCSI messages sent/received from a storage unit.

8. Number of iSCSI error messages received from storage unit.

9. Number of Attached LUNs.

10. State of the internal RAID if one is available in the internal storage of the host.

11. Capacity and usage of the internal storage.

I don't see any of that as possible on the VMWARE MIBS I reviewed (1.01.-237711).

It seems that switching to NET-SNMP instead will give me some additional information since it will support HOST-RESOURCES MIB, and hopefully the full IF-MIB. But when you read the documentaion from VMware they say "You can install it if you want, but VMware not longer supports Net-SNMP".

It also looks like some of the above could be possible via the SDK. But I don't want that. I want to use SNMP.

Perhaps someone can guide on how to get the above with SNMP in a supported way by VMWare. Or if you don't know or think is not possible. Do you think like me that it should be possible?

Thanks for any answer.

Guillermo Vargas-Dellacasa

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I am phasing the same problem. I can't belive that I have to use the PowerCLI via the API to get the values I need.

Is there any way to use SNMP to get the LUN capacity, used and freee spaece?

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