VMNIC sequence numbers relative to Cisco UCS VNIC sequence numbers

I work mostly on the Cisco UCS side of a UCS-VMWare environment. I recently added

a chassis and blades and the VMW admins added the ESX bit. But one thing is not

lining up that I hope someone can explain. In the past the UCS blade VNIC ordering

aligned with the sequence of VMNICs in vSphere.

What causes that mapping of VMNIC mac address ordering? Is that the VMW admin

adding the VMNICs to the host without regarding to the incrementing order of MAC addresses?

Or does that just happen automagically? Thank you for helping me to clarify this mystery.

It's causing some thrash in getting the correct VLANs and right FI redundancy to each


Preferred VNIC to VMNIC alignment of sequence numbers..



But now the UCS vNIC versus VMNICs in vSphere are jumbled up..



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I have the same issue here.   We got the vNICS to appear in the correct order in vSPhere by re-ordering them in the blade profile whereby we put all vNICs on vCON 1 in the order in which they should appear in vSPhere, but in doing so the MAC address assignments were juggled around and this completely invalidated the proper order...  because not all vNICs see the same VLANs in our configuration this is a big problem.   

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