VM Template has thick Provisioned Lazy Zeroed small hard disk.

Issue: My VM Template has a thick Provisoned Lazy Zeroed small hard disk.  It is 50 GB.  Can I turn it into a thin provisioned disk and enlarge the size when I make the VM.  If I can't do it then is there a way after the VM.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Convert the template to a VM

Migrate the VM to a new datastore and alter the disk format as you do that

Migrate back to the original datastore if you want

Convert the VM back to a template

There may be other approaches, but the one above is simple enough for any VI Admin to do.

You can deploy VMs from the template as either thin or thick, define the format you want during each VM deployment.


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Also you can open VM settings from the web Client UI and expand the disk after svMotion'ing the VM in question to change the disk type, make sure it runs on the base VMDK not on a Snapshot delta


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This KB describes the process mentioned step by step 😃

VMware Knowledge Base

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