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VM Smashing all hosts' memory

Hi Guys,

I have a VM that has been doing something weird!

We have a DRS cluster with 20 VM Hosts and the smallest has 92GB of physical memory.

One VM is configured with 32GB of RAM running SQL2000 and it is smashing each hosts it runs on, the hosts memory utilization would get to 99% once that VM is migrated to it! DRS would migrate it to another host and it would do exactly the same thing triggering multiple DRS events…

The VM has a page file at the OS level configured to 1.5 its size and is located on a non-system drive.

How would you guys explain this?

The resource pool where this VM and 3 other VMs live is configured with memory reservation (no limit) which is equal to their total assigned memory in MB. No other resource pools in this cluster is configured with any reservation.

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