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I encounter a probleme with a VM Migration.

We've got 2 Vcenter infrasctructure on 5.5 and 6.5.

We would like to migrate VM from the 5.5 to the 6.5.

In order to do that, I extract an ESXi from a cluster on the 5.5 infrasctructure and I move the VM to this ESXi.

I disconnect this ESXi and in connect it on the 6.5 infrastructure.

When i try to move a vm to a new cluster (evc is not enabled) , i've got the following error :

cpuid incompatibility at level 0x1 register ecx

Host bits: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0010:0010:0000:0011

Required: 00xx:xx0x:xx00:x0x0:xxxx:0xx0:00x0:00x1

If i shutdown a vm an change the compabitility level from 8 to 10, i can move the vm.

We need to  migrate 200 VM and it'll be complicated to program shutdown for all of them.

Is it possible to migrate the VM without powering off the VM ?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

The “proper“ solution would be HCX: VMware Cloud

You might be able to do something with EVC on the newer platform.

Or you’ll have to face the downtime, unless someone has an alternative suggestion...


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

In my opinion you have two options:

1.shutdown VMs, then migrate them to the new cluster

2.If your new cluster has powered on VMs, shut down or migrate them if you can, then enable EVC on the cluster and select an EVC mode which is compatible with your old ESXi host's server. After that you can migrate virtual machines while they are power on.

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As mentioned, the easy fix is enabling EVC in a level that VMs can be migrated.

If you shut down the vm, there is no need to change the virtual hardware (it is recomenden of course that you keep it updated) but your issue is related to CPU.

Having to finish the task with a full new cluster with a different CPU (without being able to have EVC) saddly you will need to have a shutdown (even if you use a replication tool, there is going to be a power off anyways)

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