VDI and High End CAD?

We recently had a need for producing High End CAD graphix over a bonded T1 or higher end (3MB-10MB) connection.   Our initial look, which was breif, but it appeared there was no easy way to get this through VDI.  So, we tried a Teradici device, but thats been not very successful as the mouse lags a bit and the user experience is low.  Its only good if we run local gigabit speeds, but that defeats the purpose.

Well,  the other day, my Microsoft counterpart gleefully pulls out Remote FX (part of HyperV and the 2008 R2 SP1).  Right now they are setting up a HyperV box and will be trying to see if we can solve our remote CAD/Geology Software over (3-10MB) lines.  From what they claim to have seen they can run these programs through a RDP session with good results.

Now I am sitting here wondering if VMware VDI is dragging behind the times.  I would have never guessed VMware would have allowed Microsoft to get ahead of them in the virtualization arena in any technology.

So, does VDI provide any real solutions here?  Or do we still have to find 3rd party products to play on the back end (like using a workstation to process GPU before VMware channels it forward).

We havent used VDI yet, so its possible, I have not found the right info, so please update me on the right search keywords if High End GFX is now possible through VMware without having to jump through hoops?

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