Used space VM larger than OS space

Hi guy,

I have one wondering question relate to VM used size on datastore is larger than OS volume size.

I know what is difference between Provisioned size and used size of VM.

Actually used size of VM is the reality active size of using. but when i have viewed on OS level, it show smaller than ESXi datastore show.

In attached file are the image of my VM size in datastore level and OS level

datastore level show: image 1, and image 2

os level show: image 3.

thank you for your idea.


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The .vmdk file doesn't automatically shrink when data is deleted from within the guest OS. In order to reclaim unused disk space you may use the "punchzero" procedure as shown in e.g.‌. To zerro out unused disk space in Linux, you can use the dd command line utility.


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