Use wifi-dongle on VM


I have just started to use ESXi and are having some problems with my VM.

Im going to create an AP on a Debian machine (like this for RPi). But Im not getting it to work with my wifi-dongle TP-Link WN722N.

Is this even possible? I have been trying with few different alternatives but without success.

My wifi-adapter is there when i run "lsusb" on host.

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0cf3:9271 Qualcomm Atheros Communications AR9271 802.11n

For my VM I have given access to the USB-device. In the VM the interface is called "wlx6470022dc209" (why not wlan0?).

Installed the firmware with: apt-get install firmware-atheros

Using ESXi 6.7

What information do you need to help me solve this?

Thanks in advance!

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WiFi is not supported (and never has been) either as a device directly managed by ESXi or to be passed through to guests. That just isn't what this platform is intended to do.

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