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Unable to power off VM


I have a VM which is refusing to power off, with error "another task is in progress"

I have tried:

> esxcli vm process list


   World ID: 12930751

   Process ID: 0

   VMX Cartel ID: 12930750

   UUID: 42 28 d6 b5 ba e8 82 86-89 48 00 5a f4 4c 98 a1

   Display Name: Z-VRA-svr-vmhost-05.gb.vo.local

   Config File: /vmfs/volumes/4cd16e5c-fa5e9173-4bbe-001b2171bc00/Z-VRA-svr-vmhost-05.gb.vo.local/Z-VRA-svr-vmhost-05.gb.vo.local.vmx

> esxcli vm process kill –type=force –world-id=12930751

But the VM is still present on the next run of process list.

I then tried to kil it with ps:

> ps |grep Z-VRA

12930751  vmm0:Z-VRA-svr-vmhost-05.gb.vo.local

12930760 12930750 vmx-vcpu-0:Z-VRA-svr-vmhost-05.gb.vo.local /bin/vmx

> kill -9 12930750

sh: can't kill pid 12930750: No such process

> kill -9 12930760

sh: can't kill pid 12930760: No such process

> kill -9 12930751

sh: can't kill pid 12930751: No such process

Finally I followed VMware KB: Collecting information about tasks in VMware ESXi/ESX

/vmfs/volumes # vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

Vmid                Name                                                             File                                                     Guest OS          Version   Annotation

53     Z-VRA-svr-vmhost-05.gb.vo.local   [VMFS-500GB-Production6] Z-VRA-svr-vmhost-05.gb.vo.local/Z-VRA-svr-vmhost-05.gb.vo.local.vmx   ubuntuGuest             vmx-10

And this showed me that there is a stuck task associated:

/vmfs/volumes # vim-cmd vmsvc/get.tasklist 53

(ManagedObjectReference) [



So now what, how do I kill the process associated with that task?  There must be a way other than rebooting the host.

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I see that you have tried killing the process without luck.

Not quite sure, if you have referred this KB

VMware KB: Powering off a virtual machine on an ESXi host

Do check it and let me know


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Yes I have exhausted the possibilities from that KB as you can see from my comments above.

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