Unable to create snapshot with application quiescing enabled

Hi all,

We are having some issues when trying to create snapshots with application quiescing enabled. We get the following error from vmware.log in the datastore:

The error message was: 'VssSyncStart' operation failed: IDispatch error #8454 (0x80042306)

I have installed the latest version of VM Tools (10.1) on the VM, and even copied to another separate host - still doesn't work Smiley Sad

I have also disabled application quescing, as mentioned in this article Disabling VSS quiesced application based snapshots in virtual machine (2146204) | VMware KB. Although this does help with the snapshot completing, we don't get application consistency.

The VM is hosted on vSphere 6.0 U2 (with all most-recent critical patches installed), and the guest OS is Win Server 2012 (also has SQL Server 2012 installed).

Has anyone come across this before?

Much appreciated,


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Did you ever manage to resolve this?  We are having the same issue but with a later version of tools and ESXi 6.5u2

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