Unable to create data store esxi 5.1.0

Hi all,

I am new to vmware esxi. So pardon me for may be a lame question.?!

I installed esxi 5.1.0 on my server DELL T110 II the specifications are

Server type: DELL Power Edge T110 II

CPU: intel xeon E31220 @ 3.10 GHz


PERC 300 raid controler

NOTE: I have only one Hard Disk so actualy raid is not possible. I dont need it too at this point of time so i have configured it as non raid but the hard disk is connected via raid controller. to mother board if I am not wrong.

What I did: Installed ESXI 5.1.0 on pen drive since it was not detecting my local hard disk then too.

Installation was successful, I was able to connect via client.

What I need: I need 2 servers on this esxi basically for development purpose, we are small team of developers who caters smb industries.

So, When I try to create a new virtual machine I am unable to create a data store because I am not able to see the Hard Drive at all.

I have attached screen shot for your reference. Please guide me for the same.

Thanks in advance



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First of all, you could check VMware Hardware Compatibilty List here:

You also can check another thread related, but from ESX4 on the same server model:

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Hi Aditya,

welcome to communities!!

I am afraid the Perc controller  you have is not supported with ESXi. Is it Perc s300? if so its not supported with any of ESX/ESXi version. Only option remaining will be changing the controller.

You can find more details here.


Thank you verymuch for the reply.

@Yezdi : Yes the Perc controller is S300. And as you said its not supported for esxi.!

I have only one hard disk, so raid is not possible anyways and not practical too. I was thinking instead I  connect hard disk directly to mother board like a normal computer sata connector.? So I will remove the existing contoller on board and save some money on buying new.!

I think it should work isnt it.?

If so are there any draw backs if I do that.?

@wealvescabral: Thanks a lot I did search forums for answer, couldnt narrow it down enough as you were able to.

Thanks once again.


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I too have the dell poweredge T110 II but am having a problem with Directpath I/O not enabled.  I have enabled virtuilizaiton in the BIOS and paththrough configuration is still disabled on configuration -> Advanced.  Can you tell me if you have this working and if so was there anything special you needed to do and what BIOS version you have installed.  Any help would be appreciated.

Stephen Bailey

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