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Unable to Add VM to Inventory

Hello Folks,
I have an issue where I'm unable to add VM to the inventory, It was removed from inventory three days ago (by another user), today I was trying to re add to inventory and the option is grayed out, I was looking for .lck file but does exist.
This is what I have tried so far:
- Check any lock file using vmfsfilelockinfo -p
- Reboot host where vm was on before deleted from inventory
- Tried to add back to Inventory by issuing vim-cmd solo/registervm (It shows up in the inventory but with strange name /vmfs/volumes/5f75dc3b-c4bdaea2-1f07-b496910dd824/VMNAME - But I can't do anything beyond than Remove from Inventory again).
File in VM Folder (server.nvram, server.vmsd, server.vmx, server.vmxf, server.vmdk, server_1.vmdk)
ESXi 6.5 / vCenter 6.5
Is there anything else I can do before trying to restore VM from backup?
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