USB Devices Not Working After Shutdown

ESXi v5.0.0 623860 running on a Dell PowerEdge T320 from an internal USB flash drive.  Primary guest OS is SBS 2011. Since the system was installed last July, external USB hard drives have been used w/o issue as the backup devices for SBS. Though its been a while, I recall enabling USB passthrough to allow the SBS guest to see and use the drives. All worked flawlessly until the host was shutdown. Since it was powered back on, SBS no longer sees the USB drives. In the VSphere Client under Hardware --> Advanced, I see the USB controllers enabled for passthough.  I've read through several KB articles and forum posts, and am still looking through them, but as of yet I've found no solution.  The output of lsusb is empty, not a single character of text is returned, but I can't tell from some of my readings if that is in normal when VMDirectPath is enabled.  The option to add a USB device to a guest (the SBS or an XP vm), is grayed out because "a USB device is not attached to the system."  In addition to an external USB drive, there is an APC Smart-UPS connected by USB.  Not that in the screen shot below, there is a USB 3.0 controller installed in the system but the devices are connected to the onboard USB 2.0 ports. 

Any suggestions are appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read and ponder my situation.


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