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USB 3.0 -> SATA adapter no longer recognized on USB 3.0 controller (third time now)

Hi there,

for a little more than a year now we've been running ESXi (free edition) at one of our customers and using USB -> SATA adapter (attached to VM) to do the back-ups. On a USB 3.0 controller it's much faster than on USB 2.0.

For the third time now ESXi no longer recognizes it. The previous 2 times we could only get around it by reinstalling ESXi. The first time it was still running 5.5. Have installed the latest updates now (so 6.0 fully updated), but installing the updates hasn't made a difference. lsusb on the CLI doesn't list the device when connected to the USB 3.0 controller, it is listed when connected to a 2.0 port (but obviously is much slower then). What might also be worth noting is that the USB mouse (which was connected to a 2.0 port - it's removed now) was redetected every ~53 seconds (vmkernel.log, when plugging the SATA -> USB adapter into USB 3.0 port occasionally a line in vmkernel.log comes by stating USB is suspended).

Any ideas what might be causing this? Don't want to reinstall ESXi yet again, especially since the problem is returning every 4-5 months.

TIA and kind regards,

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