Transferring settings from existing ESX host to fresh ESXi 7.0.u3c install using via esxi-root shell

I'm trying to transfer settings from an old (existing) install of ESX to a fresh installation of ESX ver. 7.0.u3c using the followng article:

Locally restoring an ESXi configuration from state.tgz backup (2043048):


To restore the ESXi configuration locally:
Run the auto-backup.sh script to confirm you have an up-to-date host configuration saved in the /bootbank/state.tgz file.

  1. The Bootbank/state.tgz file is updated and contains the host configuration.

    Note: The ESXi configuration can be saved locally via the auto-backup.sh script. For more information, see the Saving State Locally section in the Additional Information section of this article.

  2. Copy the /bootbank/state.tgz file to a safe location (for example, a shared datastore or use WinSCP to copy to another location).
  3. Reinstall ESXi.
  4. After the reinstallation completes and the ESXi host boots, copy the saved state.tgz file to the system (for example, to the /tmp directory).
  5. Extract the local.tgz file from the state.tgz archive by running these commands:
    # cd /tmp
    # tar -xvzf state.tgz

Once i get to this point, I'm at a loss, as upon extraction, I do not get the expected output from the 'state.tgz' compressed archive... Per the article, I should unzip a 'local.tgz' file, which I would then perform the following commands:

Verify there is not already a local.tgz file under / (the root directory) and then copy the newly extracted local.tgz file to the / directory by running these commands:
# cd /
# mv local.tgz local.tgz.old
# cp /tmp/local.tgz

... But I instead get the 'local.tgz' file, a 'local.tgz.VE' file is generated (actual output). 


What is this 'local.tgz.ve' file and how do I proceed? It seem to be encrypted, but I don't know how to unencrypt; and I can't find anything on the web...

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated...

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I have the same problem to resting passwod using Ubuntu Live CD. When i do: 

cp  state.tgz  /tmp
cd  /tmp
tar xzf  state.tgz

What is local.tgz.ve? Can i uncompresse it to have the /etc/shadow file?

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