Transfer data from vm guest to local pc very slowl

Hi All

I encounter the performance issue when i try to transfer data from vm to local pc via winscp. the transfer rate is only 13 MBps.

my environment nic of server / switch/ nic of pc are full duplex and 1Gbps which the best transfer rate shoudl be 100 MBps.

my question.

1. why does it copy slowly?

2. why esx is high overhead?

3. Does it impact network performance when client try to download concurrently. Now, my vm is file server.

4. How to improve it or tune it?

Appreciately for your help. Smiley Happy

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frist check copy vm to vm ....and which NIC version have u enabled to both of those vms..

Also check VM Ware tools intalled on both VM ?

Yours, Phillips

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