There is no more space for virtual disk

Hi, I know there is some posts already, but we are not the experienced with VM and need some support. Our customer server is running 3 VMs one of which keeps dropping suggesting 'There is no more space for virtual disk'.

MASTERSERVER is running at the moemtn but will eventually drop with this error.

We have folowed suggestions given here but are stuck trying to solve this. Can anyone help?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

As your post needs moving to the area for ESXi, I have reported it to the moderators.

First thing to do is find out which datastore the VM resides in - the Summary tab of the VM will show that. Then go to the host in the tree on the left and use the tabs to find out more about the datastore.

The solutions are self-explanatory - either the datastore needs to be bigger, or you'll need to move some files out of it to free up space.


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Please run the following two commands on the ESXi host,

df -h > /tmp/filelist.txt
ls -lisaR "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/*" >> /tmp/filelist.txt

and attach the resulting filelist.txt to your next reply.

Note: Remember to replace "datastore1" with the name of the dataastore that's running out of disk sapce.


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Run the above command as requested and provide the info here indeed.

When you have done that... I want to mention that:

  • You are running a version of vSphere which is not supported anymore (judging by the UI you shared)
  • You more than likely have one, or multiple, snapshots on your VMs (considering how old the environment is, I am assuming it isn't maintained daily)
  • Your VM can only continue when you free up resources
    • Check if you have snapshots
    • I would recommend powering off VMs so that the "swap files" get deleted, this gives you some space
    • Delete all snapshots, now depending on how many you have and how large they are this will require diskspace and will take time!
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