The VIBs was Skipped when upgrade scsi_megaraid_sas from 6.505 to 6.506

Hello everybody,

Recently I occur a issue which I want to upgrade my Raid Controller(megaraid) to new latest version, but result seems it doesn't work. 

it's skipped for 5506 megaraid driver, then I run check command and found megaraid driver version still is 5505. 

Could everybody have experience or have any suggestion about this case, thanks very much and looking forward your kindly reply.

below is my environment info.

Server: IBM X3755


Case:Upgrade Raid driver was failed from 5505 to 5506 via esxcli software vib command.

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First off, you should use the update instead of install command when updating existing VIBs, though this should be irrelevant for your issue just as a general recommendation.

Looking at just the build number it seems to be identical, both have 472560.

Here's a newer version of the driver version 6.610.15.00-5.5-3342447:


Download the offline package instead of the VIB file and run the following commands and post the output here:

# esxcli storage core adapter list

# esxcli software sources vib list -d /tmp/megaraid_sas-6.610.15.00-5.5-offline_bundle-3342447.zip

# esxcli software sources vib get -d /tmp/megaraid_sas-6.610.15.00-5.5-offline_bundle-3342447.zip

This will tell you a lot of information from the metadata contained in the offline bundle. It will also tell you whether this is considered an upgrade, a downgrade or if the same version is already installed.

To actually upgrade then run:

# esxcli software vib update -d /tmp/megaraid_sas-6.610.15.00-5.5-offline_bundle-3342447.zip

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Hi MKguy,

Thanks for your kindly reply,

your's suggestion really shock for me and I am sure got news and knowlage from your side.  I will test and verify it , thanks again.

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