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Terminal Servers resolve as the Global NAT since moving to virtual

I recently replaced two WinServ2003 32bit PHYSICAL Terminal Servers with two WinServ2003 64bit VIRTUAL Terminal Servers, each running on a separate ESX 4.0 host server. VMs run great and the improvement is night and day.

The Cisco ASA firewall has 1-to-1 NAT for external facing IP addresses, one for each TermServ, and one for the mail server. I'm able to ping and successfully connect to both terminal servers via the Internet.

Before moving to virtual, both servers correctly displayed the external address when checking with WhatsMyIP.com. Now that the servers are virtual, WhatsMyIP.com reports the address being the same address as the firewall’s external IP address. This is to be expected with all machines in the environment NOT having NAT assigned. The mail server correctly displays its external address, and because I can access both terminal servers from the Internet, I know that NAT is working through the firewall. Is there something I’m missing on the ESX host servers?

Each ESX host (not ESXi) has 4 physical NICs, and 1 static address. Both Terminal Servers have one virtual NIC with a static IP address. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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