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Synergy 4820C 10/20/25Gb CNA Mezzanine card with ESXi 6.5

My Synergy g10 blades have Synergy 4820C 10/20/25Gb CNA Mezzanine with ESXi 6.5 U2 installed.

I have realized that on some bladed in my cluster I see the storage adapter as vmhbaXX/XX and on some blades it is reported as vmnic

below are the driver and firmware versions of the card. I need to know why is it reporting liek that with driver, firmware and ESXi versions being the same.

any help is much appreciated

Driver Info: qedf:

Host Device Name: vmhba65, cdev Name: qedfc1

ISP: ISP165c

Firmware Version:

MFW Version:

Synergy 4820C 10/20/25Gb CNA Mezzanine Slot 3 08.37.34

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