Super slow upload speed ESXi 6.7

I picked up a budget dedicated server from my hosting company.

Supermicro X9SCD

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270v2

Installed ESXi 6.7 on it.

My first sign of trouble was the GUI.  The login page, at https://machine/ui/ can take 4 minutes to load.

I assumed it was related to the old server hardware, so I just lived with it.

I installed windows 10 as a guest and one of the first things was to perform a speed test.

Download 79.32 Mbps - that is about good, I'm paying for 100 Mbps

Upload 1.13 Mbps - WHAT?!?!

There is just no upload speed, which explains why it takes so long to do anything through the GUI.  I'm pushing all the HTML files through a small straw.

I tried to see if this server is on the HCL, but there is nothing listed.  I did a search for Supermicro & processor Xeon E3-1200 v2 series and not a single match comes up.

When I check the NIC through VMWare ( lspci -v | grep -A1 -i ethernet ) it reports the NIC as Intel 82580 Gigabit Network Connection.

Am I out of luck with this hardware or could the problem be something else.  Seems odd it would be OK for download speeds but no good for upload.

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Remove the network cable behind the Supermicro and plug in your laptop. Test the network connection again.

If the connection has a better performance in your laptop, tackle the supermicro by checking ESXi driver versions, even if its not listed in the HCL, you might be able to compare the versions and see what you can do from there.

ethtool -i vmnic<nicnumber>

esxcli network nic get -n vmnic<nicnumber> | grep -A5 Driver

esxcli software vib list | grep <drivername>

Good luck,

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