Strange Roles on Esxi5.5 and data loss

Hello community,

has someone ever see something like this ?


This screenshot belongs to a server with Esxi 5.5 on which some data have been lost and I don't now why (disk temporary failure, controller temporary failure or external attack).

Do you think these starnge roles  can be related to data loss ?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


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Your case is quite unusual so you should be eliminating options.

  1. First make a backup of the Host VMs with problems.
  2. Check in the hardware logs if there is any error of hardware.
  3.  Reinstall the ESXi 5.5 from scratch, preferably with the latest patches (version 5.5 U3K Build 9919047)
  4. Uninstal VMware vSphere client then get the latest version of VMware client 5.5
  5. Verify from the vmware client that the ESXi host looks normal as usual.

Download URLs for vSphere Client




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