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Storage device name identifier issue with special : character in it

Hi Community,

I am facing an issue with an SATA m.2 adapter that shows in the device list in the form:


As you might see, ther is a : before last F in the name.

I guess ESXi considers this as a partition delimiter, therefor, the device link is broken and no operations are possible (create DS for ex)

Does some expert should know if it is possible to rename/change this device ID to something supported ?

ESX 6.7U2

esxcli core storage device list :


   Display Name: NVME_Adapter

   Has Settable Display Name: true

   Size: 3815458

   Device Type: Direct-Access

   Multipath Plugin: NMP

   Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/t10.ATA_____ASMT109x2D_Volume________________________W_x7BJAA24:F__________

   Vendor: ATA    

   Model: ASMT109x- Volume

   Revision: 2B6Q

   SCSI Level: 5

   Is Pseudo: false

   Status: on

   Is RDM Capable: false

   Is Local: true

   Is Removable: false

   Is SSD: true

   Is VVOL PE: false

   Is Offline: false

   Is Perennially Reserved: false

   Queue Full Sample Size: 0

   Queue Full Threshold: 0

   Thin Provisioning Status: yes

   Attached Filters:

   VAAI Status: unknown

   Other UIDs: vml.0100000000575f787b4a4141243a462020202020202020202041534d543130

   Is Shared Clusterwide: false

   Is SAS: false

   Is USB: false

   Is Boot Device: false

   Device Max Queue Depth: 31

   No of outstanding IOs with competing worlds: 31

   Drive Type: unknown

   RAID Level: unknown

   Number of Physical Drives: unknown

   Protection Enabled: false

   PI Activated: false

   PI Type: 0

   PI Protection Mask: NO PROTECTION

   Supported Guard Types: NO GUARD SUPPORT

   DIX Enabled: false


   Emulated DIX/DIF Enabled: false

Thanks for support !

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