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Storage / Networking Stack ??

Hello everyone,

I have an Esxi Server, iScsi Storage Array with one LUN available.

I configured my ESXi Storage adapter to dynamic discovery and it could successfully access the LUN in my SAN.

My question is :

I haven't configured any VMkernel Ports , does LUN access takes place through the Storage Stack (VMkernel) ? Or Networking Stack of ESXi ?

What I know is " Storage means VMKernel port group " ,, I haven't configured any ,, what happen then when I configure vmkernel port binding ? do I access the lun in a different way ? Storage1.JPGstorage2.JPG

Sorry , I'm still a beginner..

Thanks in Advance.

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Welcome to the Community - If you are referring to the ESXi Software iSCSI Adapater it will actually use both the Storage stack and Network stack - the storage stack to maange the storage and the traffic will be carried by the network stack -

By default a vmkernel is created when you intsall ESXi - so unless you created a new vmkernel port used specifically for iSCSI your iSCSI traffic is sharing the management port -

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