StarTech NIC (Intel i350) installation on ESXi 7.0u3

Hi everyone,

I'm attempting to add the below StarTech dual NIC to my home lab desktop...

As listed, it's using Intel i350-AM2 chipset.

I've already attempted to install the below using the Compatibility Guides

I downloaded igbn ver

Followed the instructions, tells me the installation was successful and to reboot > rebooted > the NIC is not listed.

Then, I downloaded the Intel's driver

and then StarTech's Linux driver from their own website.

The problem with Intel's and StarTech's drivers, is that they don't have an 'index.xml' file, which the command

esxcli software component apply -d .......

persists in looking for.

Also, the Intel folder (approx. 700MB) doesn't list which folder I should be using to install the driver on ESXi/ VMware. And the Linux drivers are not in .zip format.

My PC is an ex-gaming PC that is already running ESXi, and I want to add this additional NIC for more ports.

Could someone point out what am I missing? Did I skip something?

Please note I'm a beginner with VMware, so I'm not familiar with any advanced level lingo you may use.

Happy to provide more details if needed. Your help is appreciated.

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The T2,T4,F2,F4 are server adapters. F are using fibre. The StarTech spec page does not list ESXi as supported.

ESXi 7.x no longer supports vmklinux drivers (i.e. Linux drivers that can be packaged into an ESXi VIB).

Your best bet if you want to use consumer grade NICs for ESXi 7.x use is to get the ones that has community drivers.

Community Networking Driver for ESXi | VMware Flings

Otherwise you could try to find second hand server that is officially listed in the ESXi HCL for NICs.


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