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Snapshot removal stuck at 31% for 24 hours

Currently trying to bring a VM back online that wouldn't boot following the ESXi host being rebooted. It initially would stick at 22% when trying to start. We rebooted the host and then tried to remove the snapshot that was present on the guest, it had been residing there for over a year.


Following this it progressed properly until it got to 31%, it has been there for 24 hours. We tried shutting down all other VMs on the host and datastore, but still, no progress. I see that one of the VMDK files is being accessed every few seconds, so I do believe the process to still be active, just "stuck". 

Thought that maybe there is a lock on the VMDK, but issuing the lsof command reveals that only hostd has a lock, which I interpreted to be the snapshot removal itself. 

Any thoughts on how to move forward and recover data?

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