Small Developer Team of 1 ESXI 6.5


So I am a small developer and was looking at buying possibly a gen 8 or 9 HP Proliant dl360. I am seeking one to run a max of 15 instances, this all because I went from a affordable 15$ a month on instances on the cloud to about 95$/month. But a couple of my instances are heavy resource users so I figure its cheaper buying a slightly used server and setting something up physically. My question is can someone help me find out what ESXI i'd need to run and also how much cost would I be looking at?

I did however do some testing with ESXI 4.0 with my old poweredge 2950 but it ran like garbage with newer OS's. I got the jist of VM Ware but still would like some knowledgeable VMWare users to let me know what i'd be looking for.

Also like I said I am only a Dev of 1 so I dont need any crazy features just basics. Able to run linux and windows server OS.

Thanks in Advanced!

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