Slow network performance for ESXi 6.7 Host


I'm quite new to ESXi but I seem to be having an issue I can't manage to google up a solution for.

I have a Dell T420 running ESXi 6.7 with several guests on (Windows/Linux/other).  When I try to transfer a file via CLI or GUI from a local data store to either a remote NFS share or just download/upload via the browser the performance is poor, around 115Mbps (yes, bits) upload to a remote share/PC.  Doing the same test from one of the guests shows no issues and I get 800Mbps+

Are there any limitations around what the ESXi management port can do, maybe to stop it impacting guests?  All ports(management and guests) are on a vSwitch with a 2 x 1Gb connection to the physical switch.



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Traffic going through the management vmkernel is not optimized for those types of transfers and can also be limited by SSL. The management vmkernel interface is designed for exactly that--management, not bulk file transfers. Copying through the guest does not use the management interface.

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