Simulate customer to provider connection.


I'm having difficulty on how to approach setting up a lab environment that somewhat simulates an ISP that has some customers. I'm using ova files for Juniper vMX or Cisco.

The network I'm trying to simulate should look like this,

------       -------     --------      ------      -------


------       -------     --------      ------      ------

The CE (customer edge) devices are layer 3. The PEs and PCOR are layer 2.

The CE's are on the same /24 and has the same vlan tag. They are also connected up to the same vswitch.

The vswitch nic is connected up to a physical cisco router capable of switching.

The CE's can talk to each just fine.

What I'm wanting to do force traffic to go through their respective PE. So CE1 needs to go through PE1, PCOR, and PE2 to get to CE2, and vice versa. Most cases, customers would have a L3-L3 connection, but in this case, the CE is L3 while the PE is L2.

The PEs and pcor should be separated from this traffic, but at the same, it needs to be able to run a routing protocol and mpls to distribute routing information throughout it's core, specifically, how do i get you from pe1 to pe2 type of situation.

I have 3 additional nics on this esxi host I can use.

Any ideas, please let me know.

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