Shutdown ESXi with APC Network Powerchute

We would like to use the network management card to shut down our ESXi hosts

Current Environment.

UPS – APC Symetra 3-Phase with an AP9631 Network Monitoring Card

Cisco UCS with 10 blades, 6 for VDI, and 4 for server infrastructure

SAN – EMC VNx 5300 with NFS for VDI and block for server infrastructure

We have two vCenter servers, one for VDI and one for server infrastructure. We also are using Unidesk with VMware View for VDI.  We have HA and DRS enabled.  We would like the APC to shut down our server and VDI infrastructure when running on batteries for at least 15 minutes, or excessive temperature in the data center, the UPS Network Management Card does have the temp sensor installed.

We have found several ways to do this, we were just curious what others have found the best way to do this?  Has one implemented this with script that APC has on there website.

Check the following link kb:

11622 check it below:


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