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Setup a VMWare server esxi 6.5 best practise

Hello you guy's. I have little experiance with VMWare

At home i have a HP DL380 G6 with esxi 6.5 ans some VM's for experimanting

Now i have a cusomar who asked for a setup for his network. Two Domain contollers MS Server 2016 as a seperated network.

Ik have a budget of 7k euro for the server.

It will be a HP SERVER  but im not sure between SAS or SSD disks. I need at least 4 TB for data.

Can someone give me a cleu for the right setup for a server for the right performance?

Will be glad for an answer.


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

This can help you!

* How many virtual machines do you want to deploy?

* Which VMware product edition would you like to compare with Microsoft's solution?

* What virtualization host type would you like to use?

* What type of storage would you like to employ?

* Infrastructure costs - Electricity?

* Infrastructure costs - Data center real estate and build out?

* What general VM density are you envisioning for your data center?

* Additional VMware VMs per CPU?

Answer these questions here & see results.

VMware TCO Comparison Calculator

LINK: VMware TCO Comparison Calculator

SSD is the best solution for VMware Virtualization. Find the business product right for you.

Servers, Storage & Networking business

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