SCSI reservations - how to reproduce?


I am testing new storage system which is full VAAI, and I need to verify that there are no more SCSI reservation issues. I need to make sure that i can scale 1 lun to have more than 50 VM's which can do more heavy workloads. with previous versions it was really bad that luns could have only small amounts of VM's, that's why we were using only NFS (one volume was holding ~300 VM's).

Is it possible to reproduce SCSI reservations with using only 2 ESX hosts connected to one lun? I deplouyed 20 VM;'s and as far as for now I run 6 concurrent IOMETER VM's with some load to verify but as for now I don't see any RESV or CON numbers.

Does anyone use full VAAI storage with more VM's per lun and could share if there are any issues with scaling this?

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