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SATA DLT Tape drive i/o errors

Hi all!

I'm running VMWare 5.1 on a Intel Server and everything seems to work fine exept that I can't get my SATA Quantum DLT tape drive to work! The Intel serverboard (DBS2600CP2) contains a (onboard) Intel Patsburg SATA controller that is supported by ESXi 5.1 build 799733. The controller is installed within ESX, I can see the controller under Storage Adapters in my configuration tab and it does show the 'Local QUANTUM Tape' device (mounted)! So i have added the device (SCSI Device) to a VM under the hardware tab and the device is found within my virtual Windows server environment. But whenevver I start using the device it (windows server / backupexec) returns I/O errors, error 10000045D. Is there anything I can do to optimize my connection to the DLT Device? Thank you for considering my request!

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