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Running multiple Citrix servers on vSphere

We're currently planning on running a farm of Citrix servers (13 in all) on our upcoming vSphere installation. These 13 Citrix servers will be segmented per department within our building. A few questions regarding this build:

1) Are any of you running a farm of Citrix servers on vSphere? If so, how is the performance?

2) Is it possible to set up vLANs within vSphere to further segment the userbase of the Citrix farm?

3) Are there any benefits to using vLANs to segment the Citrix farms?

Thanks in advance to any advice and tips.

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with my experiance it is bad idea to run citrix farm in virtual infrastructure.

citrix the application virtualization will require allmost all the resouce on the server if the number of users session increases

it is better to plan it physical server rather then on VM's

plz revert me the ans for

what purpose you are using vSphere?

for what you are going for citrix?



Regards Manic
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1/ I converted 2 Citrix servers in VM, the perfomance was better BUT the physical servers were 3 years old. With the same hardware, physical is better than VM.

Virtual architectures can however give advantages for Citrix (vmotion, memory page sharing, ...).

2/ Be careful if you have one farm and one zone. Citrix servers need to communicate with a zone data collector, and a data store if it's a indirect connection (access or sql express).

3/ I don't think so