Reverting esxi 4.1 essentials back to evaluation period to test features for upgrade

Hi there,

I am looking at testing out vmotion and storage vmotion across our current 3 essentials host machines.

I would like to be able to revert two of the hosts back to their already expired evaluation period in order to test out the functionality.  We already have an iscsi network and I am looking at changing this to support vmotion.  I just want to check that the features work as expected before I go ahead an proceed with purchasing 6 CPU licences for vSphere standard.  It's a bit too much of a risk to jump first.

As the evaluation period has expired I am unable to revert it back to the normal evaluation.

Any tips greatly appreciated.  Is it possible to still get an evaluation code from vmware for esxi 4.1?

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I don't thinks so you cam do that .

If you want to test then need another host .

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talk to your local VMware sales partner, they can help you with new evaluation/testing licenses.


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I've put a request into the licencing support team to see if they can help.

Also come up with another idea.  We already have a 5.5 host and seeing as we ill be upgrading all of our 4.1 hosts it is best to bring the 4.1 host up to 5.5 as this is what we will eventually be running.  We should then be able to run the two hosts under the evaluation licences.

Thanks for the reseponses so far.  Will let you know how we get on.

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Googling around the web, you can come up with these steps for setting your ESXi hosts back to an evaluation mode.

Perform a fresh installation of ESXi (preferably in a VM)

Copy /etc/vmware/license.cfg and /etc/vmware/vmware.lic from the fresh installation

Paste these files into the expired host's /etc/vmware directory

run restart

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