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Replication vs VSA

I have a small environment with 2 ESXi hosts running vSphere 5.1 and have less than 5 VMs.  These two ESXi hosts have the same hardware and I plan to use Vmotion and HA to migrate the VMs from one host to another host and I don't need real time fault tolerance for these VMs.  Both ESXi hosts are on the same 1 Gb Ethernet network and each has 8 x 1 Gb network adapters.

I think I have two options using HA in this case, one is using replication and the other is VSA.  Reading VSA documentation it seems there are several requirements and more complicate to setup than replication.  I understand replication will not have the same image as under VSA when one of the host goes down and requires more time to bring the VM up on the other host but the setup and managing the replication seems much easier than configuring VSA.

If you have configured both replication and VSA, please let me know which option would be a better choice in this environment.


H Doan

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