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Remove replication from esxi hosts after disconnecting them from one vcenter and adding them into another.

vCenter 6

esxi 6 u1

vsphere replication 6.1

We have vsphere replication 6.1 enabled and replicating in our original vcenter.  We then disconnected our esxi 6 hosts from one vcenter and added them into another.  Now the vms are still configured with replication and the host is still trying to reach out to the original replication appliance at our DR site which we still have but powered off.  I powered it off because I read that I would have to do a fresh install of the vsphere rep appliances and then replicate again and possibly use the already replicated disks as seeds.  Hopefully, there are no UUID issues with using the disks as seeds but that is another question for another day.

My question is how do I "clean" the host of the replication configurations for all of the vms so the hosts are clean and ready to be configured for replication again?  the vim-cmd hbrsvc/ commands show all vms still configured with the original vsphere replication appliance.

I don't see any "remove replication" commands or anything like that.  I haven't tried anything yet but will now try the basic like rebooting and actually removing the host from vcenter and re-adding it but I wanted to get this out there while I'm trying things.



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