Redundancy test for esxi server usng two nic's. Shoud I assign IP for second nic

hi all,

I have added two nic's to a vSwitch to provide redundancy and load-balancing.

See attached screenshot

Just to test the redundancy when I unplugged one network cable connected to  nic(vmnic0) ,and  I can not connect to my exsi anymore. But other way around it works.

But technically when I unplug one nic(vmnic0), I should be able to connect to my exsi server since other nic(vmnic2) is online.

Do I need to assign any IP for second nic(vmnic2)? According some sugesstion I do not need to assign IP for second nic(vmnic2)

Appreciate your thoughts on this

![enter image description here][1]
Cheers Praz


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You shouldnt have to assign a 2nd ip address onto nic 2 there for sure.

Just regards your teaming configuration:

i) You using LACP ? if you click on the properties of the vswitch if you click on your management port group

what type do you see listed beside load balancing? do you see port id ? if so it may be your switch is configured

to use ip hash

ii) can you verify your 2nd nic is plumbed for that subnet ? maybe plug into a spare machine and verify it

gets an ip on the right range

Many tx

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1. Check with your network team if VMNIC2 is been provide with same vlan access as vmnic0.

2. Can you take screen shot and paste the vswitch properties, failover and loadbalacing configurations.

3. also check if both the nic vmnic0 and vmnic2 is connnected to same physical switch or differen physical switch and have same configurations, at switch port level.

Ask network team to provide details of show allowed vlan on vmnic port connected to physical switch.

in cisco switch weuse this.

# sh run int eth1/2

Thanks & Regards Dharshan S VCP 4.0,VTSP 5.0, VCP 5.0

Hi Guys,

I really appriciate  effort you put to solve my problem. Please see my comments for each of you guys questinos

JCMorrissey ,

i) According to the vswitch propertise I do not see any port id's . See attched screenshot 1,2 and 3

ii) Do you think second nic may fautly? If requred I can configure static IP for second nic in command prompt and see if that's get a IP


i) I do not have network team and I am only sys admin here. How do I check VMNIC2 is been provide with same vlan access as vmnic0

ii) See attched screenshots 1,2 and 3

iii)Yeah both connected same router/switch

Thanks mates


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What kind of physical switch do you have?

Have you or anyone else done any configuration at it? Do you have some kind of access to it (telnet or console cable?)

Could you also inside ESXi set focus on the Management Network and post the screenshot (to see that both vmnic0 and vmnic2 are active on that too.)

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