Recovery from corrupt datastore - NO backups

I'm looking for help to recover VM's from a corrupt datastore.

One of the hard disks in the ESXi host died and the technician on site did not have much technical knowledge, he replaced the hard disk while te server was still online and after that we had a full server crash. Almost all files of ESXi where corrupt so we reinstalled ESXi and during the install we were asked to preserve the found datastore so we did. Now after the reinstall we can mount and unmount the datastore but i shows empty.


When i connect to the server through SSH i can see some remains of the servers installed but it says no such file or directory.

[root@localhost:~] find -name "*.vmdk*"

find: ./vmfs/volumes/554c923f-428aa450-aedc-e4115b1176a4/ISO: No such file or directory

find: ./vmfs/volumes/554c923f-428aa450-aedc-e4115b1176a4/FP03-PTG: No such file or directory

find: ./vmfs/volumes/554c923f-428aa450-aedc-e4115b1176a4/DC03-PTG: No such file or directory


Volume Name  VMFS UUID                            Extent Number  Device Name                           Partition

-----------  -----------------------------------  -------------  ------------------------------------  ---------

datastore1   554c923f-428aa450-aedc-e4115b1176a4              0  naa.600508b1001c86079490cfbc95797a87          3

When voma -m vmfs -f check -d /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.600508b1001c86079490cfbc95797a87:3 is run it failes with the message stated below.

ON-DISK ERROR: <FD c217 r139> : excessive bad/dup blocks.

   VOMA failed to check device : Fatal error encountered

Total Errors Found:           16653

   Kindly Consult VMware Support for further assistance

This is as far as I got with my limited VMWare knowledge and I hope you guys can point me in the right direction since our local technician kindly "forgot" to make backups of the servers and now we have no more Domain Controllers....

If anymore information is needed let me know.

Thanks in advance,


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Welcome to the Community,

out of curiosity, what tape of RAID-Controller, and disks do you have? From a look at the screenshot this I'd assume 2x600GB SAS HDDs in a RAID1 configuration. With a supported HPE RAID controller, hot-swap is not only supported, but the way to do the replacement. Only thing to keep in mind is to wait for a minute, or two before inserting the replacement, so that the controller has time to properly detect the removal.

Anyway, try to contact continuum​, he's an expert in data recovery.


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Hi Andre,

Thank you for clearing that up for me, the server is located on the other side of the world for me and my colleague who has all documentation of this server is on holiday. because the server crashed after a HDD replacement I assumed the disk was not hotswappable.

I will try to contact continuum.


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